projects – andré badenhoop

My name is André Badenhoop. I am from the early 80´s. The vector graphic shows the star constellation while i was born.

I grew up in Bremen and since 2003 i am living in Berlin. Once i learned building things with wood, i was doing it for at least ten years and in the end i worked at a picture framing company. In my teenager time i started sketching letters with friends, we were relaxing with it almost every evening. By that i startet a new education as a Mediadesigner for Digital and Print in 2014. I am learning to specialize myself for Layout and Illustration. That´s why i made this portfolio to present myself for clients.

Trying to understand the relationship between RGB, CMYK and Raster.

I mixed up the main color tones from RGB and CMYK and put them via PS into a Bitmap–Halftoneraster. After that i arranged them in ID to have this unique colour wheel. I can now understand better the additive and subtractive colorsystem in Offset.

I like drawing cars.

Good forms from the engineering sector are sourrounding us. Specially the older more rounded objects are keeping my progress.

This tile is from an old berlin wall out of the years 1900 - 1920.

It is not beeing produced anymore, but with this vector graphic, it whould be possible. The owners of the house said, that there was a butcher shop at that time. Friends of mine had a Creperie in this location. And in one room, there are two big walls, which are full of these beautiful tiles. I tryed to sketch the lines, colour and shiny look with this project.

Music and it´s atmosphere.

I started this work in 2014 to have an illustration about the restaurant of my friends. I tried to include some elements like the music, light and the general orientation of this home place for so many guests. They offered good food, wine and sometimes live music with party afterwards. Many people now have great memories of the Manouche Time. After more than seven years making dinners and two for building it up they closed in 2015.

I miss the getting together with the great employees and guests of this lovely place.

This is Livia

My actress homegirl, who will be very famous soon.
Maybe next time i will make a Kung Fu Lady out of here.

This is one result
of a nice weekend we had.

My brother, who visited me as usual. What we do is something like to beck bikestourists with running away afterwards. Watching exhibitions or tasting out the biggest pizza in town. He is a writer, great guy and the door is always open.

The sketch is a mixture between vectors and pixels and using a sketch pad.

Playing together in childhood.

Because i changed the school, my living place and friends. i didnt hear anything about him for years. When i saw his great produced pictures once, I asked him if i can take a picture to make a portrait and here is the work.

A hint of a treehouse, made with calligraphy coal ink, watercolor and wood.

The picture frame was made out of maple and museum glass. I wanted to have a framed object, which is relaxing me, while i am watching it. To all the furnitures, constructions and repeared stuff i made, i wanted to have a tiny wood work. Having a small framed treehouse in a room, is the thought I like. I finished it in the end of 2013 and i really need to make a new one. Something more complex like various levels, lights and colours. The dimensions are:

10 inch x 15 inch x 2,4 inch
25cm x 36cm x 6cm

A banana made with calligraphy coal ink and yellow ink.

While my time, when i was giving stamps at the entry of a club in Berlin, i made this for fun. There was a party serie with the name ”banana”. By that everything is decorated like bananas. Bananas out of carton, wood and foam even the costumes. It´s a lot of yellow and fun the whole night. The picture frame is made out of oak, carton and museum glass. The dimensions are:

15 inch x 12 inch x 1.2 inch
38cm x 30cm x 3cm